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  •  -Cotton
  • - Strong Elastic
  • - Mid Rise
  •  -Soft macaron Color
  •  -Breathable
  •  -Comfortable
  •  -High elasticity at waist band
  •  -Comfortable & not tight, leaving no marks
  •  -Covered leg design
  •  -Non-marking elastic trouser legs, modified leg shape is not tight or curled.
  •  -Skin-friendly soft & breathable fabrics, moistire wicking and not stuffy.
  •  -Sizes : Please refer size chart in the photo
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  • - 100% Brand New and High quality,Breathable and Comfortable
  • - Material: Nylon + Spandex
  • - Color : Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Grey
  • - Absorb sweats, cooling
  • - High elastic, very flexible
  • - Package include: 1 x Men Boxer
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  • - Feature:
    - Big Elasticity, very stretchable
    - High Quality
    - Eco-friendly
    - 100% Cotton Crotch
    - Soft Gentle Breathable Fabric
    - comfortable to wear and touch
    - Gender: Women / Girl
    - Item Type: Panties
    - Style: Cotton
    - Material:  Cotton+ Nylon
    - Size: Free Size (Waist 60cm-100cm, Weight: 40-70kg)
    - Inimate part made of graphene material, which can gives anti bacteria function.
    - Graphene material can kill germs & bacteria 99%
  • "Heavy sweat suit", also known as "sweat suit", is composed of polyester fiber and silver coating. It uses silver nanotechnology and nano silver film thermal radiation sweating technology to reflect the heat released from the body surface back to the human body, forming a thermal cycle, thereby It promotes the human body to wick away perspiration continuously, which is known as the "five times violent sweating" effect, which can make the effect of weight loss and fitness more effective. For this reason, it has been sought after and loved by the majority of fitness and weight loss people, and has gradually become the "net celebrity equipment" in the fitness industry.
  • Wearing sauna clothes will accelerate fat burning through exercise. Aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week will help you burn excess calories. It will not only lose weight but also increase skin elasticity, increase your muscle strength and lengthen muscle lines through various stretching positions, allowing you to gradually develop slenderness and tightness. In fact, a body without fat.
  • The material used in sweat suits is made of non-toxic plastic film or waterproof and breathable pvc coated fabric. Sweat suits are generally air-tight jackets and trousers. The openings of the limbs, waist, and neckline are all buckled on the human body with straps or elastic bands. Used to accelerate fat burning through exercise.
  • Name: Sweat Abdomen Pants
  • Fabric: 90% polyester 10% spandex Lining: 100% PU
  • Material: polyester cotton
  • Size: free size
  •  Style: Casual
  • Product advantages: This sock is flexible and strong, skin-friendly and foot-absorbing, breathable and sweat-absorbing.
  • #stokin #stoking #socks #sock #stocking
  • - Material: polyester cotton
  • - Size: free size
  • - Color: Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Beige, Yellow, Pink, Brown
  • - Style: Casual
  • - Product advantages: This sock is flexible and strong, skin-friendly and foot-absorbing, breathable and sweat-absorbing.
  • - #stokin #stoking #socks #sock #stocking
  • -Breathable, elastic, comfortable
  • -Specially for arm protection during exercise, sports, gym, fitness, outdoor activities
  • -Arm slimming also
  • -Easy to bring 
  • -Fine sewing at side, Lycra sewing at side
  • -Magic zap, easy to adjust, zap it where you want
  • -Suitable for any one (arm big or small)
  • -Not easy rolled up & not easy deformed
  • -Sweats easily as material are Neoprene
  • Material : Polyester + Neoprene
  • Trainning : Help warm your arms and thighs during cardio and strength training
  • Increase temperature : Increase your body's natural thermogenic rate, burn your fat
  • High quanlity Fabric : High-quality neoprene fabric has superior heat insulation performance
  • Anti Slip : Prevent moisture sweat but also reduces sliding during workouts
  • Clourse : Adjustable hook & loop fastening Easy to make it tighter or looser
  • Muscle definition : Feel more heat on your arms.And you will see muscle definition
  • Burn fat : Help you burn arm fat, make arms sweat like crazy
  • Healthy : Help eliminate sag of the upper arm,clean the toxins inside the body
  •  Product Details :
  • Material : cotton
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Applicable people : adult
  • Get at least 4-5 pairs for your confinement period
  • Sock is very important for confinement period to protect and keep mummy feet warm all time
  •  FREE size
  • Estimate size : suitable for feet 35-38.5 (feet length about 23-25.5cm)
  • Features :
  • Good quality material
  • Soft & comfortable
  •  Thick socks
  • Comfort experience
  •  Enhance blood circulation
  • No bare foot to prevent coldness
  • - Waist Cincher Corset for Weight Loss
  • - FEATURES—[Style: Black(neoprene)]
  • - Material: 80%neoprene +20%nylon.
  • - Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL
  • - Smooth Zipper Design
  • - Easy to wear and take off and it can help tummy control and lose weight.
  • - 3 Steel Bones
  • - This waist cincher belt with 3 Steel Bones definitely helps to back support and ease your back pain, improve overall posture.
  • - Durable and Stretchy Material
  • - Premium neoprene for fast sweating. It is comfortable to wear.
  • - Double Adjustable Belt
  • - Strong adjustment belt for sizing accuracy. Keeps you as tight as you want.
  • - Scientific Designs:
  • - Smooth Zipper Design
  • - Double Adjustable Belts
  • - Durable Neoprene Fabric
  • - Underbust corset design provide comfortable fit, upright and push-up your chest, allow you to have full-freedom to move while working out.
  • - Wear it for workouts or daily activities, makes you sweat a lot. More sweat than a regular waist trainer!
  • - It can also be presented as a gift to family or friends
  • - Look slimming and taller
  • - Our waist trainer belt tucks in the belly, forces you stand tall and helps improve posture, making you look taller.
  • - It helps you to get a quicker post pregnancy recovery.
  • - Perfect for everyday wear, and it could gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work, daily outfit, workout, fitness or sauna.
  • Feature: 
  • Function: UV protect, Cool effect, -Cooling effect
  • Comfortable,Strong Stretchable
  • Perfect for working indoor&outdoor area/sports/ outdoors/ driving/ cycling
  • Handsocks yang sangat selesa dan berkualiti
  • Sesuai untuk pergi kerja dan solat
  • Function: Cool effect, High Elastic, Stretchable , Excellent Cooling Effect , Good Sweat Absorbtion , Ultimate UV Protection , Protect your arms from Aging, Sun-Burn
  • Maternity Nursing Bra Breastfeeding Bra Pregnancy Clothes 3 Buttons Comfort Pregnant Feeding Nursing Bras
  • Item Type: Nursing Bras
  • Gender:Women
  • Material: 95%Cotton+5%Spandex
  • Support Type: Wire Free
  • Strap Type: Adjusted-straps
  • Bra Style: Push Up
  • Closure Type: Back Closure, Front Closure, Three Hook-and-eye
  • Function:Feeding
  • Feature:Nursing,Maternity
  • Size:34-36-38-40
  • Cup:B C Universal
  • Package Content: 1 x Nursing Bra
  • Be sexy, confident and poised with exceptional-quality shapewear that enhances your natural beauty.
  • Our cinchers, girdles, and other waist-minimizing solutions are designed to define your silhouette, conceal trouble areas and flatter your best features.
  • Whether you are a sports enthusiast looking to take your workout to the next level, or you simply want to look sexier and more toned, waist trainer is going to help you achieve your goals.
  • The unique belt design allows for comfort and a full range of motion during workouts. Reduce your waistline and define your curves with a shape wear belt.
  • This waist cincher is suitable for all sports, cycling, weightlifting and even yoga. Pack your versatile waist trimming belt in your gym bag, and get ready to reduce extra belly fat. This slimming cincher has an excellent tummy panel to instantly shape your abdomen and also provides back and lumbar 
  • support.
  • produces immediate slimming effect and aids in weight loss. It is easy to adjust with breathable mesh fabric that 
  • does not restrict movement or range of motion.
  • Accelerate your metabolism, and watch your tummy get trimmer. Helps you burn fat faster, and tone your body when 
  • engaging in high-intensity activities, exercises or during workouts.
  • the slimming belt will not only accentuate your curves but also provide your back and abdomen with added support. 
  • The flexible fitted waist trimmer uses a mild compression technology to encourage correct posture and provides lumbar 
  • support.
  • The shape wear belt is easily double-adjustment velcro belt for sizing accuracy. The mesh fabric in the back allows 
  • for breathability, and the four acrylic bones provide unparalleled support. Durable and long-lasting.
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  • Suitable for Gym, Fitness, Yoga, Running, Sports, Outdoor activities, Zumba, Dance, Fitness Dance, Active activities. 
  • Soft, stretchable & comfy material
  • Good quality material
  • Absorb sweats effectively
  • Stylish & fashionable desgin
  • Zip at front, easy to wear
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable under band, with zap design at the back. Zap accordingly to your wish.
  • Support breast effectively even when you are doing active movements
  • Absorb shock effectively
  • Hollow out design at the back
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  • Product Description
  • This product is made of cotton material. 
  • It is very suitable for maternity period. 
  • It is 100% brand new affordable and quality. Comfortable to wear. 
  • Can wear it anytime inside office or cold places to keep your feet warm. 
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Breathable
  • Good Quality Material
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Comfort experience
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Fashion: Fashion color and make fun in life
  • No Bare Foot: To prevent coldness
  • Material: Cotton
  • Applicable people: adults 
  • size: one size
  • Package: 1pair of socks
  • Colour & Design: Displayed as picture shown
  • -Cotton
  • -Strong Elastic
  • -Mid Rise
  • -Candy Color
  • -Anti-Microbial Mechanism
  • -Breathable
  • -Comfortable
  • -High elasticity at waist band
  • -Comfortable & not tight, leaving no marks
  • -Covered leg design
  • -Non-marking elastic trouser legs, modified leg shape is not tight or curled.
  • -Skin-friendly soft & breathable fabrics, moistire wicking and not stuffy.
  • -Sizes : Please refer size chart in the photo
  • -Colors : Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Light Grey, Light Blue
  • #ladies #women #underwear #panties #lingerie #sets #value #shape #seamless #undies #briefs #lace #seluardalam